We would like to thank all of the bowlers who have supported The Players Tour
this year and every year since we have started the TOUR. It is greatly appreciated. We also would like to thank all of the sponsors over the years especially this year's sponsors. DV8 BOWLING & BUFFA DISTRIBUTION.
We would like to thank all of the bowling centres for hosting The Players Tour as well.

Congrats to JOE CIACH for winning the BUFFA BOWLER OF THE YEAR.

We had a total of 90 entries.
Total payout was $7465.00.

John Chapman     1108
William Russell     1092
Pat Donaghue       1081
Larry Salvati Jr     1077
Joe Ciach             1072
Matthew Lewis      1069
Mikey Raquidan    1048
Dan Maclelland     1034
Jason Kovack        1032
Douglas Yu           1023
Chris Moxley         1020
Jason Caetano      1011
Rob Backus          1011
Kevin Arsenault    1006
Art Oliver Jr         1004
Vince Truong         995

                            1st Round Losers Receive $235.00

Vince Truong      215  def  John Chapman  179
Dan MacLelland  227  def  Jason Kovack  187
Chris Moxley      245  def  Matthew Lewis  153
Jason Caetano   233  def  Larry Salvati Jr  191
Pat Donaghue    214  def  Kevin Arsenault 161
Rob Backus       234  def  Joe Ciach           203
Mikey Raquidan 220  def  Douglas Yu        164
Art Oliver Jr      199  def  Willaim Russell   196

                            2nd Round Losers Receive $350.00

Dan MacLelland  299  def  Vince Truong  167
Jason Caetano   212  def  Chris Moxley   191
Pat Donaghue    205  def  Rob Backus    190
Mikey Raquidan  198  def  Art Oliver Jr   176

                            3rd Round Losers Receive $600.00

Jason Caetano    192  def  Dan MacLelland  158
Pat Donaghue     266  def  Mikey Raquidan  148

                            Championship Match

Jason Caetano    204  def  Pat Donaghue     202

Congrats to Jason on winning the final Players Tour Event

Jason Caetano Receives  $2000.00
Pat Donaghue Receives   $1000.00