Chad Mee defeated Dan Vick in the finals of the 2015 Brockmyre Classic @ Doug Kent's Rose Bowl Lanes in Newark, NY.  1st Place for the event paid $3,000 and Vick claimed the 2nd place prize of $1,500.  Mee defeated Vick 394-362 in the 2 game final.  Below are the final results:

1st Chad Mee - $3,000

2nd Dan Vick - $1,500

3rd-4th - $650

Sam Capizzi

Kevin Donovan

5th-8th - $360

Ryan Shafer

Chris Bardol

Dan Keenan

Ray LeChase

9th - 16th - $200

Bill Peterson
Mark Scuderi
Ken Hoalcraft
Jeff Young
Fran Luzzi
Jim Mack
Art Oliver
Zachary Wilkens

17th - 28th - $150

Andy Smith 
Travis Cauley
Jeff Wallace
Mason Petrin
Nate Johnson
Greg Kuehnl
Jacob Kent
Ted Johnson
Mike Tryniski
Jason Rowe